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We can offer skills and expertise in training pharmacy technicians. Learn under a trusted expert in Houston, Texas.

A pharmacy technician is an individual who assists and works under the direct supervision of the pharmacist in providing medications and healthcare products to patients. Pharmacy technicians work with medical professionals, doctors, pharmacists, insurance companies and patients with jobs responsibilities including: 

  • Assisting the pharmacist in labeling and filling prescriptions
  • Receiving written prescriptions and requests for patient refills
  • Counting tablets and labeling bottles
  • Receiving electronic prescriptions from medical offices
  • Handling computer order entry of prescriptions
  • Verifying complete and accurate prescriptions
  • Work with insurance carriers to obtain payments and refilling authority
  • Preparing sterile and non-sterile compounds
  • Taking inventory of prescription and over-the-counter medications

You will also learn practical hands-on experience in our real-world, real time involving. preparing different medications, compounding or mixing medications, interacting with physicians on prescription refill authorizations, telephone calls screening

Career opportunities include working as a pharmacy technician, pharmacy trainee, pharmacy clerk, or IV-certified pharmacy technician in:

  • Hospitals
  • Retail or mail order pharmacies
  • Assisted-living facilities
  • Nursing homes 
  • In-home health environments
  • Other healthcare facilities

Becoming a Pharmacy Technician at The Pharmacy is an exciting time, and applying shouldn’t be scary! Register for the Pharmacy Technician Training Program by filling out this form.

The objective of the program is to provide students with didactic and clinical training in preparation for entry-level employment. Students have the opportunity to develop professional skills in customer service, prescription preparation, patient profiling, and drug inventory maintenance.

How Long is the Program?
Program Length: Approximately 6 months.

Curriculum: What Classes Do I Need to Take to Become a Pharmacy Technician? 
Here are just a few classes you will take during the Pharmacy Technician program:

  • Pharmacology
  • Pharmacy Math
  • Pharmacy process of dispensing drugs
  • Medication safety and quality assurance
  • Pharmacy billing and reimbursement

Does the Program Provide National Certification Exam Preparation?
The pharmacy technician approved program at The Pharmacy will prepare you for the National Pharmacy Technician Certification Examination (CPhT), administered by either the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board (PTCB) or by National Healthcare Association (NHA). More states and employers are requiring certification as reliance on pharmacy technicians grows.